Xenogears begins innocently. You are introducd to a young man named Fei, who lives in the village of Lahn. Sadly, this young man suffers from memory loss. His fighting abilities are top-notch though, and he has good friends. On the request of his friend, Alice, Fei pays a visit to Doctor Citan who lives in the mountains above Lahn. It is here, that Fei will discover the first link to his past. Who is this young man? Why can he command a powerful gear? And finally, will he be able to battle his inner demons to discover who he truly is? By the end of this journey you just might know the answers.

Xenogears' brilliant, deep interwinding story is quite possibly the longest story to ever appear in an RPG. Its mech battles combined with a fighting game-like engine and anime drawn character designs made this RPG an instant hit and a classic forever.