About Ramza Beoulve                    
Ramza Beoulve was considered an unknown hero. In his young life, he lived in the shadows of his older brothers. His best friend Delita and himself attended an academy in Gariland to learn the ways of a Knight. Sadly, tragedy would overtake Delita and his sister, and Ramza would be forced by the hand of fate to escape from the shadows of his brothers and live his own life-- by the morals he believed in. Later, Delita would return. Delita was a changed man, and no longer the boy Ramza knew. Now, it seems Ramza lives in the shadow of the now-powerful Delita. Ramza must begin a quest. It is the quest to dicover not only who he really is, but what the world stands for. The records state that Delita is the hero of "The Lion War". But, on Ramza's journey for the truth, he will be considered the true hero, the unknown hero.

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