# Rules
1. This fanlisting works in a special way. Because the Suikoden series is three seperate games, I understand that some people might just be a fan of Suikoden, but not Suikoden II or III. Or you might just be a fan of all of them, who knows? So, when you join, please please please answer the question that asks whick Suikoden games you're a fan of with a number [1, 2, or 3] or type out the names or abbreviate the names. Just please tell me which Suikodens, if not all of them, you're a fan of.

2. If you ever need to correct your info, just fill out the form again, and tell me in the comments box what you would like corrected.

3. You don't need a website to join. This isn't some elite clique.

4. If you join with a website that contains porn it WILL NOT be listed with your name.

5. You must provide me with a real first name (no weird nick names) a country, and an email addy.. along with which Suikodens you lurve. ^^

6. This isn't an obligation, but visit the wonderful fanlistings.