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Suikoden featured the test between father and son as young Tir, son of the famed knight Teo, was taken into the Emperor's palace under the direction of a scorned, older knight. Under the protection of Gremio, Tim, Cleo and Pahn, Tir had many new adventures while waiting for the return of his father. On one particular adventure to disband some crooked thieves, the party came under attack form a furious monster. It was at this point that Tir's best friend, Tim, took over and devestated the monster with a strange power. Soon after, Tir would gain the power of a true rune and meet some remarkable rebels. Now, Tir must decide where his heart lies... with Highland, or with his new friends... who are trying to guide him onto the correct path. It is in this game that Tir must decide between siding with his father, or uniting a torn land. It's his choice alone.

Suikoden II begins as the very kawaii Riou and Jowy, young teens, are resting comfortably in the Tigerfoot Mountains with their comrades, young men that make up the Unicorn Brigade-- young Highland Soldiers in training. Jowy and Riou are the best of friends, anxious to return home. As they turn in for the night, they have no idea of the horror ahead. While they sleep, their camp is torched and raided to the ground, their friends being slain before them by what they thought was rebels. As Riou and Jowy escape to the forest, they turn back, fearing the path their trusted commander told them to take is not the right one. When they return to the ruined camp, they spot their commander talking with a fierce, wild man. It's Prince Luca of Highland. Riou and Jowy learn it was Luca's idea to attack their own camp. Not knowing where to turn, not understanding why a Prince would slay his own men, the two head for the mountains, coming to a waterfall... a dead-end Knowing they must jump if they don't wish to be caught, they both promise they'll return to this spot if they're seperated. Clasping hands, the two jump... for better or for worse. After these events, Riou and his sister, Nanami, with face betrayal, love, and make new friends. But, at what price will this new war cost Riou? Only time will tell who he really sides with.

Suikoden III takes a drastic change in the way Suikoden looks, but the quality of the game remains intact. In this game, you play as three different characters in certain ponits of the game-- the knight, Chris, the mercenary, Gedd, or the tribesman, Hugo. It's a new war these three must fight... together. They'll soon learn it's not that simple. When you come from different worlds, different cultures, uniting isn't easy.

True Runes is currently on version 2.0, featuring one of my favorite Suikoden characters, Ceasar of Suikoden III! This site was officially approved by thefanlistings.org. This site is a proud t-b production. The beautiful pic of Ceasar was donated by Lita-chan. Thanks girlie! ^__^