Beth Wallace was a simple girl living in the quaint town of Harmony, attending high school with her boyfriend Luis Lopez-Fitzgareld, a hunky irish and spanish man whom see loved very much. Sadly, Luis' father, Martin, disappeared and was never found. To add to the pain, Luis' older brother, Antonio, also walked out on his family for reasons unknown. To Beth's dismay, Luis' love for his family was greater then his love for her, and he opted to break it off with Beth in order to take better care of his sister, mother and brother in this horrible time. Beth was heart-broken, realizing Luis would never be her husband, but forced herself to move on as well.

Or so we thought.

Years later Beth went on to manage "The Book Cafe," a hangout for teens and adults in Harmony, and saw Luis once in awhile, but yet they remained friends. Beth had been secretly longing for her ex-boyfriend, and hoped he would see the errors of his ways and take her back. Beth was heartbroken to say the least when Luis feel head over heels in love with the rich, beutiful, blonde and sexy Sheridan Crane. Yet, Beth still believed Luis would come back. In the mean time, Beth is unwilingly taking care of her fragile mother. Beth's mother seems to hate her, and they are always at eachother's throats due to some mishap that took place in the past. Beth's mother doesn't want to see Beth happy, and prays to the Angels to keep Beth away from Luis, calling Beth an 'evil girl'. Whenever Beth is angry with her mother, she threatens to send her to a retirement home called "Sweet Serenity" which Beth's mother claims is not sweet at all, but a horrible, dirty place. Beth doesn't put up with her mother, and shows her psychotic side now and then. Sheridan later disapeared and presumed dead off a boat in Bermuda, and Luis was left alone and heartbroken without his lover. Beth quickly jumped at the chance to snag Luis. He fell for her, and later proposed. Beth was very happy, even though she had to keep convincing herself that Luis loved her and not his lost Sheridan. Beth was once again heartbroken when Sheridan later arrived in Harmony, on the arm of Antonio, Luis' long lost brother. Luis eagerl broke his engagemnt with Beth for sheridan, and Beth returned to her dark place. She began to threaten her mother, and hate sheridan and everyone else. She is currently mastemrinding a plan to break up Luis and Sheridan again, even if it means murder. If she can't have Luis, no one can.

Beth is played by the awesome Kelli McCarty.