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This is the approved fanlisting for the (sometimes strained) friendship between Kos-Mos, an engineered android, a ally (or maybe a enemy?) or her creator, Shion Uzuki. The two have their ups and downs in the PS2 game, Xenosaga, but their relationship always remains interesting. The title of this fanlist, Uncommon Bond, arrived to me after realizing the bond between a machine and a human is rather... uncommon. If you're a fan, be sure to join!

Last Updated: 7/1/03 - I am sorting through members--- and adding everyone slowly. Please be patient!

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1 // You must be a fan of the Shion/Kos-Mos relationship!
2 // You don't need a website to join.
3 // Be sure to fill out the email address, name and country on the join form.
4 // If your website contains porn, it will not be listed with your name.

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