Molly Stanton Bio (Taken from NBC)
Molly Stanton portrays Charity Standish, niece of Grace and Sam Bennett. Charity is unaware of the powers of good that she possesses. “Passions” was Stanton's first scripted audition and marks her television debut. She acted throughout junior high and high school in plays and musicals. In her junior year of high school, Stanton joined the Brentwood Theater Company, where she wrote, directed and performed a true story about nine high school boys on a camping trip and their lives when four of them are killed by a drunk driver. The play was so successful, that the troupe took it on summer tour to the Edinburgh Theater Festival in Scotland. Born on March 13, Stanton's hobbies include playing the piano, the drums and guitar.

Charity Standish Bio (Taken from NBC)
Good-hearted Charity is the only child of Faith Standish, Grace's long lost twin sister. Since her mom died in a fire, Charity now lives with the Bennetts and has become part of their family. Charity is unaware that she possesses powers of "good" which will be fully awakened in her when she makes love to her true love, Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. Charity has literally been to hell and back, but her knight-in-shining-armor, Miguel, always comes to her rescue. Because of her powers, Charity is always having visions of what the future holds for those close to her.

Zombie Charity Bio
Lets just say Kay created a little magic. Then Zombie made a little evil magic of her own. Molly Stanton plays this role at a level of brillance, stated some magazines.