1/ This fanlisting does not mean you need to be a fan of all of Molly's Passions characters. You can be a fan of just Zombie, or Charity, or just Molly herself. This fanlisting is mainly used to spread the word about this talented actress!

2/ This fanlisting is unofficial. It is not involved in any way with Molly Stanton or Passions.

3/ You do not need a website to join.

4/ On the codes page, you can pick any button you want, of your favorite character, Molly, or even ones with the title of this site!

5/ CHARITY CASE is the title of this site, used to describe the different persona's of Charity, considering she has been turned into a demon, and had a twin zombie. As Molly Stanton has said, "Its such a kick!"

6/ If you don't know what I'm talking about, or confused Molly Stanton with Molly Shannon, then don't join. =)

7/ Many get confused between Evil Charity and Demon Charity. Fact is, there really is no difference. It just depends on what name your prefer to call it. I made two different buttons for the two so people could choose their favorite.

8/ Easy, huh? If you understand these rules and junk, go join!